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Work from Anywhere

August 25, 2017
Woman working on a laptop computer by the pool. Work life balance.

Work from Anywhere for Flexibility and Freedom

With trends towards startups and freelancing, more professionals are choosing to work from a distance. Flexible work is allowing accessibility for anyone who cannot easily work nine-to-five in an office.

I was reminded about the benefits of working from home, after a broken leg near my knee. Six weeks of hopping kept me from travelling anywhere near the city. I was glad to continue freelancing and working on e-commerce from the comfort of a laptop at home. This form of work was already my ideal. But when recovering from a broken leg, just like others who cannot be on-site, this was the only practical option.

Attention has been given to mothers who create their own businesses or stay employed by a distance. That is a very important reason for working flexibly. But other needs should also be acknowledged in the discussion about varied work options.

Nobody could have predicted my sudden slip and fall. I am glad to be better and now walking, but it was a long journey. The injury was worse than I could have imagined. I needed to slow down and carefully stay at home. This unexpected experience reminded me of the many other people who need something besides full time in-house work.

Today’s technology allows anyone to offer meaningful quality products and services. Online shops are convenient for customers and managers alike. Just as today’s consumers expect more shopping from all digital devices. Any individual can create an online store with user-friendly interfaces and mobile responsive home pages.

More apps are emerging for freelancing and professional work. This of course gives flexibility to put more or less time in, based on how many projects are accepted. Freelancing is also brilliant for people who prefer using diverse skills with more creative outlets.

There are now plenty of ways to create your own business. Some ‘experts’ will insist there is one formula or set of tools to make a successful company. But there are many ways to succeed in entrepreneurialism. However a business is run, technology allows business owners or managers to do remote work and balance life.

Working from home is easier than ever. There is no right or wrong way to form a career or a living. Just adapt your work based on what what feels right. Experiment with different forms of business and employment. Continue discovering new digital forms of remote work to live the life you want.

Entrepreneur working at a desk with paper and a laptop
Entrepreneur working at a desk with paper and a laptop
Image: creative commons

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