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Shopping with Friends and Family

September 30, 2017
Shopping for clothes

Shopping for clothes with loved ones

We all need to shop with friends of family at some time. Clothes shopping can become a social event. Try a few ideas for being yourself with shopping with other people.

Take Advice with a Grain of Salt

Every individual has an opinion. People always love sharing their opinions, whether they are hesitant to voice their views or confident about speaking up. You won’t agree about everything. You could share a sense of taste. But you will become divided on a tiny detail eventually.

If someone is helping you to shop for products that you will consume, final purchases need to be your choice. You are the one who will be wearing that piece or trying to use that item.

Consider New Ideas and Suggestions

Although your individual preferences are more important, friends and family can give words of wisdom or fresh ideas. Ask constructive questions. Don’t ask anything awkward like, “Does my behind look big in this?” Get inspiration from older generations or friends who have diverse personalities, when shopping for something new.

Take Breaks to Resurface and Keep Perspective

The ideal shopping trip will start before lunch and end soon after lunch. Look around at things you like. Don’t rush to buy something before lunch, unless there is just one left in your preferred size or style. Then have a break for lunch. Take the time and think about what you truly need. Consider utilitarian needs or emotional benefits, but with a timeless personal style and not based on trends. Then return after lunch with a fresh perspective and buy the products that you definitely need or want.

Friends shopping in a mall
Friends shopping in a mall
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