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Opinion: Sugar is not a sin

September 20, 2017
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Why I Will Not Quit Sugar


I am choosing a healthy balance instead of ruling out sugar. Food should be fuel for the body, not a set of rules to strictly obey.

We can benefit from knowing what ingredients go into our foods. I prefer to choose nutritious healthy foods when that is the intention, then indulge in small treats in moderation.

Some foods can feel great when they’re healthy versions. This leaves room to then consume genuine ‘sometimes foods’ afterwards. I typically pick brown bread with a hope of avoiding additives. I recently discovered the delicious taste of veggie patties to make vegetarian burgers. Traditionally junky foods can be made at home or bought at particular outlets with nutrient-rich versions. Then I look for equally real foods that might include some real sugar.

There’s nothing wrong with sensible serves of dessert or drinks. I very rarely sip soft drinks. But a slightly sweet cocktail or coffee can be lovely. My cuppa caffeine will never have cream on top. But an occasional mocha is a pick-me-up on any day. My dinners are often concluded with a small dessert. Mini ice creams are brilliant inventions for those who want smaller portions. A couple of squares of dark chocolate will feel amazing.

Sugar can be fine in moderation. Let’s stop turning some ingredients into ‘naughty foods’ and keep them as ‘sometimes foods.’ A little bit of real sugar is ok. That’s why I am not quitting sugar.

Sweet candy in a jar
Sweet candy in a jar
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