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Nail art ideas at any age

August 30, 2017
Creative nail art

Creative nail styles

Nail colours and art can be age-appropriate for us women in our late twenties and beyond. Here are some ways to get colourful nails.

Classic Red Fingernails

Red makes a statement in any look. A romantic hue will make a nail varnish look more daring, without big dramatic changes.

One Bold Colour

Choose one daring colour to really stand out. Black will show attitude and goes with any colours. The darkest purple can be a surprising twist.

Alternating Close Colours

Pick two colours that are extremely close and can barely be differentiated. A deep blue could be alternated with a deep green.

Glitter Nail Polish

Add a layer of glitter over a sensible nail colour. Find a clear polish that is filled with sparkly sequins or speckled glittery details.

vibrant nail polish pixabay creative commons
Vibrant nail polish.
Image: Pixabay creative commons

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