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Get organised in the kitchen

August 15, 2017

Stay organised in the kitchen at home

The kitchen can be filled with appliances and gadgets. Here are some ideas on keeping the kitchen organised.

Sessions for De-Cluttering

Set aside time to de-clutter. Have a tidying session once every month or fortnight. Look at expiry dates on foods and toss anything that’s inedible. Then go further. Match containers with lids. Take note of any foods that should be used up. Plan to cook then in upcoming meals.

Zip Lock Bags

Sealed plastic bags are great for more than preserving food. A sturdy zip-lock back will keep tiny bits and pieces together. Stop misplacing the toothpicks and twist-ties. Gather small things together in clear bags to be found in a flash.

DIY Labelling

Buy sticky labels and a marker. Label anything that’s confusing. Is that powder flour or bicarb soda? Stickers are great because they can be washed off afterwards.

Go Shopping

That’s right. A bit more shopping could actually de-clutter existing items in the kitchen. Insert sections into the draws. Find storage innovations like a mug tree. Consider storing things vertically.

Add Cupboard Space

If everything in the kitchen is still needed, add more storage space. Don’t limit options to the cupboards that were built into the kitchen. A bookshelf can be an open pantry-style area. Extra shelves will hold appliances, clearing valuable bench space.

Keep Necessary Essentials

Realise what is really needed and what won’t be used. If you don’t want to give away something just yet, put it in storage. You never know when a friend will be looking for supplies that you have plenty of.

Regular Kitchen Updates

Just like de-cluttering in any part of the home, tidying can feel easier when done over time. Don’t wait until the mess piles up. Sort things out in dedicated sessions.

Fridge full of healthy fresh produce foods
Fridge full of healthy fresh produce foods
Image: iStock, edited

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