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Philosophical lessons from Jim Carrey

By on September 5, 2018
Fishing in a sunset for clarity

Lessons about life in quotes from Jim Carrey Celebrities can provide deep reflections on the meaning of life. They live through extreme experiences. They become connected with leaders and teachers from diverse belief systems. Jim Carrey has became quite philosophical after years as a comedian. Although I don’t agree with all of his spiritual beliefs, […]

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Boho Fashion Outfits

By on August 10, 2018
Boho inspired accessories

Dressing an outfit in a boho fashion style A few simple changes can bring a boho hippie fashion vibe to any outfit. This look can be achieved by anyone. Twist the styling of one outfit, or transform your entire wardrobe. You can either cover yourself in themed pieces, or add a few bohemian details to […]

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Ways to furnish and decorate a balcony

By on June 25, 2018
Balcony with furniture and plants

Transform any balcony into a living space Balconies of all sizes are appearing on today’s modern properties. These are key outdoor spaces for apartments. They’re also wonderful lookouts on houses. Wherever you live, a balcony can be filled with furniture and decorations that fit the lifestyle of the home. Pot Plants Potted plants can be […]

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A place that needs more sunscreen

By on January 30, 2018
Sandy beach and blue sky

One of the places that should have more sunscreen Sunscreen products are crucial during any time in the sun. There’s one body part where I’m trying to remember applying some SPF. The rest of my body is quite covered. I live in a tropical climate. There’s plenty of time outside in summer and all year. […]

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Introduction to Cake Pops

By on January 28, 2018
Chocolate cake pops

Starting to Create DIY Cake Pops I have a confession. I have never actually made cake pops. After some research, here are some ideas on creating those fun-sized deserts. These are basic steps for creating cake pops. Each step is a guide that can be used in formulation of your own recipe. Bake a cake […]

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